Monday, November 24, 2008

Danish Almond Sweet Bread

Called Danish Pastries in the Franson household, absolutely necessary for the Holiday Season to be complete, not to mention they are some of the best things you have ever tasted. These pastries are equipped with a perfect hint of almond flavor, soft pastry dough, a crunchy topping and filling in the middle of it all that will make you fall off your rocker.

Danish Almond Sweet Bread
Put in blender:
1 ¼ c scalded milk
1/3 c shortening (melt with milk)
1/3 c sugar
1 t salt
2 eggs
Pulse in blender, then add:
1 T yeast
Pulse again, then wait 3 minutes.
Pour all into large bowl, and add:
4 c flour
Knead for about 3-5 minutes.
Cover and let rise in a warm place 35 minutes.
Filling #1
Scald in microwave and set aside:
1 c milk
Mix together:
1/3 c sugar
2 T flour
¼ t salt
Beat in with a fork:
3 egg yolks (save the whites!)
Pour hot milk into mixture and stir well.
Heat in microwave 2 minutes, whisking every 30 seconds,
until thick like pudding.
Filling #2:
Mix with pastry blender:
½ c butter
½ c flour
1 c sugar
¼ c oats
1 ½ t almond extract
¼ c sliced almonds
½ c almonds
¼ c sugar
Punch down dough. Divide in 4. Roll each out to a rectangle 8” across and 12” long. Mentally divide the rectangle into thirds lengthwise and spread each filling onto the middle third. With a pizza cutter, cut slits across each side, crosswise, all the way to the bottom, 1” apart. Alternate sides and cross the strips over the middle. Make sure the top and bottom are tucked in so filling does not leak out. Brush the top with beaten egg whites, then sprinkle with Topping.

Let rise 30 minutes. Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes, making sure the bottom and top are both slightly brown. Let cool 10 minutes before cutting.

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