Saturday, October 31, 2009

Caramel Apples

Let me tell you, these suckers aren't as easy as you would think. I have had 3 batches that haven't turned out very well but the good part is that I now know every possible mistake that you can make!  I have been humbled, let me tell you! I mean, how hard can some caramel apples be to make, right?

Mistake #1: This led to disaster batch #1.... get ALL the wax off your apples! Don't just rinse them, like the normal apple eater does. Gently scrub with a washcloth and warm water. Then towel dry.

Mistake #2: On the back of your Kraft Caramel bag it will say to mix 2 T. water with 1 bag unwrapped caramels. Use milk or cream instead.

Mistake #3: Don't use Almond Bark over the caramel. You can't thin it out very easily and when your chocolate is too thick, it pulls the caramel right off your apple. Trust me.  Buy good chocolate, like Ghiradelli chocolate chips. Before melting in 30 second intervals or with a double boiler, add 1 T. vegetable shortening for every 2 cups of chips to thin out the chocolate a little. It should put a thin coat on your apple. Refrigerate to dry the chocolate. If you want to roll in crushed Heath bars, nuts or whatever your little heart desires, do it when the chocolate has barely dried then stick back in the fridge.

So, your instructions are pretty much above... Here's what you will need to pick up:

3-4 Granny Smith apples (3 large, 4 medium)
1 bag Caramel candies (5 popsicle sticks come in the bag)
1 bag chocolate chips
2 T. vegetable shortening
candy or nuts to crush

Holding the apples by the sticks, roll the apples in the bowl of melted caramel (melted with milk or cream, 2 T. for every bag) followed by the chocolate (melted with about 1 T. shortening per 2 cups chocolate chips).

I used Heath toffee chunks on the apples above.  Other options are to sprinkle any crushed candy bars (twix, snickers, andes mints, etc.), sea salt, coconut, or to drizzle white chocolate over top, chopped nuts.  The list goes on!


Danette said...

You can't imagine how bad I'm cracking up right now!!
This is why I will probably never try to make these at home by myself. I'm satisfied with the one time at the church. Look on the bright side though, you have these perfected now!!

valerie said...

These look so good!! Thanks for the tips. I have some of the same problems when I make them. Like the caramel sliding off and the chocolate being too thick.

Brittney said...

Wow, I never would've guessed all those problems would exist! Looks good!


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