Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Garlic Chicken Pasta with Spinach

I got this recipe straight from My Kitchen Cafe. This is a wonderful blog with tried and true, delicious recipes that even the average home cook can keep up with.

I loved this pasta dish because it was fairly healthy and had wonderful flavor. You can usually count on pretty good flavor when lemon and garlic have a role. I used whole wheat pasta (I always do) for a little healthier dish. It took me less than 1/2 hour to make too, which is always a plus. It could be a one-dish meal too! You have your protein, starch and veggies all on one dish, though serving some good rolls along-side wouldn't be a bad idea!

You know what... for the recipe, just go here! Enjoy!
PS: I used a 6 oz. bag of spinach (it looks like a lot when you first pour it in, but don't worry, it wilts way down!), a 14 oz. box pasta (whole wheat) and more like 1 1/2 c. freshly grated Parmesan. :)

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Melanie said...

I'm glad you liked this! Using whole wheat pasta is a great idea. I need to be better about that!


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